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Here at Angolkar4Smiles Orthodontics we specialize in orthodontic care.  A common misconception is that a referral is needed in order for our orthodontists to complete an oral exam and consultation.  This is simply not true!  We welcome everyone regardless of how they heard about our office.  Most dentists aren’t aware that our office also prefers to see children as young as 7 years old.  It is also commonly believed that all baby teeth have to fall out before braces are needed, however, our office offers preventative treatment that can address many developing concerns early on.  The best source of knowing is us!  Call our office for a complimentary consultation today!

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Eye Protection
Wearing sunglasses when outdoors can block at least 99% of ultraviolet A and B rays. Sunglasses can help prevent cataracts, and also wrinkles around your eyes.
If your travels are going to take you abroad, be sure to spend some time discovering hidden gems, away from the typical tourist traps. Explore the local culture and learn something new about your World.
Take care of your body through active and vigorous excercise. But be sure to keep hydrated and protect you skin with sunscreen. Spend time outdoors, hiking, camping or enjoying a BBQ.
Have Fun
Summertime is a great time to learn a new sport, explore a city or just relax poolside. We hope that your plans include many kodak moments and good adventure.


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Angolkar4Smiles Orthodontics will be closed on Monday, May 29, 2017.

May 26th, 2017


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Angolkar4Smiles Orthodontics will be closed on Monday, May 29, 2017. Don’t worry, we’ll be back in the office first thing Tuesday morning if you need us. Your automated reminder messages are not impacted and will continue to be sent as normal.

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Brace Friendly Options for Lunch


Braces and appliances can make even the simple things seem difficult. For kids, lunch time is usually a problem area as they are mostly unsupervised during lunch at school. There are ways to make sure they are successful eaters and never have a broken bracket. Packing a lunch from home is the easiest way to have control over what they consume. Our office offers some great tips on lunch recipes.

*Roasted/steamed veggies with humus
*Fruit/veg smoothies
*Hard boiled/deviled eggs
*Soft fruits: citrus fruits, bananas, peaches, blueberries, grapes
*Soft vegetables: cucumbers, peppers
 *Baked hard fruits (you can bake/roast them plain): apples, pears
*Salad greens
*Yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese
*Cold pasta salad with very small tomatoes and cucumbers (peeled) and shredded chicken
*Tuna salad
*Homemade macaroni and cheese
Remember to stay away from foods and items such as
 •Hard nuts, candies, hard fruits (like apples and pears)
 •Hard vegetables (like carrots and corn on the cob)
 •Taco shells
 •Pizza crust
 •Sticky stuff like taffy, gum, caramels
 •Foods high in acidity that could cause discoloration like lemons, limes and sodas.

No matter what you eat, when you have braces the most important thing you can do is….BRUSH AFTER EVERY MEAL.  This will help food particles not stick to the teeth and cause de calcification.

If you have any other questions or concerns about brace friendly foods, do not hesitate to ask!




When do I get my Braces off?!

~The age old question~

The most frequently asked question in our office is …

“When are my braces coming off?” 

If you have had your braces on for a while and are close to the original estimate of when they were supposed to come off, of course the question will inevitably come to mind! 

Our office will tell you that this is a great question for the doctor, as it will depend on each individual treatment.  As the Orthodontist, we can take your braces off at any time, but it doesn’t always mean that they are ready to come off.  Doctors have a job to watch all the details and do a thorough job of assessing when teeth are straight, the jaw is aligned, and your bite is perfect.  Sometimes braces can be predictable, especially when patients follow our instructions carefully and take extra special care of their braces.  Other times getting to the finish line is complicated by natural response and lack of patient compliance.  Removing them before they are ready may have future consequences.

It’s the Little Things That Count!

There are a few things to keep in mind that may help your braces come off on time or maybe even sooner than expected.

Keep your adjustment appointments.  Rescheduled appointments or missed appointments can cause a delay in treatment.

Let our team know as soon as possible if you experience any problems with your braces or appliances.  Breakages and loose wires can mean that your teeth will move between appointments causing there to be a delay in the removal. 

Make sure you wear your rubber bands as prescribed. This ensures that there will be a change in your bite since your last appointment.

Finally, we want you to maintain good oral hygiene, just as you did before your treatment began. 

Follow these tips and you should be on the road to a brace-free smile in no time!  If you want more information about when your braces will be removed don’t hesitate to call or ask at your next appointment.


“Beautiful Smiles are Created Here”





A New Years Resolution


A new year, a new you! 

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Millions of people do. It’s easy to make resolutions, even harder to accomplish them. 

If getting braces is something you have always wanted, our office is here to tell you that it is never too late!  Resolve to make 2017 your year to finally get the smile you have been dreaming of!

We treat patients of all ages, as long as you have healthy teeth and gums you are a good candidate for Orthodontic treatment. 


Our office offers a free consultation which includes X-rays to help determine what kind of treatment is necessary for you.  Once we   know that treatment plan, one of our financial coordinators will be there to tell you how much your treatment will be.  You are even able to sign up and start treatment on the same day of your consultation!  Generally our office offers a discount on the overall cost of braces if you sign up to become a patient the day of, which helps you save time and money. 

New Year’s Eve is when all the fun and festivities are… out with the old year and ring in the new. We hope you enjoy everything about New Year’s…. after all, it only comes once a year!angolkar-4-smiles-orthodontics-logo-color