Avoid Treatment Delays

Stay on Track!

Here at Angolkar4Smiles Orthodontics, our patients hate the thought of delaying their treatment and we always stress the importance at each appointment if we see you are behind in where you should be.  Patients NEVER want their braces on for longer than needed but there are some cases in which it does happen. Our team has put together some tips on how you can stay on track in regards to your braces off appointment.

1. Keep your adjustment appointments! Each visit at Angolkar4Smiles is carefully planned to move your teeth a specific way in a certain time frame. It’s important to note that missing an appointment can add weeks or months to your treatment time.  Our office tends to fill the schedule far in advance so if you miss your appointment we may not have another one for some time as well.

2. Let our team know as soon as possible if you experience any problems with your braces or appliances. A missing wire, rubber band, or broken bracket can delay treatment time, so we ask that you please give us a call right away to report any issues rather than waiting until your next visit.

3. Make sure you wear your rubber bands as prescribed. Most of our patients will need to wear elastics or rubber bands at some point during their treatment. Not wearing the bands or elastics, or not wearing them enough, can delay your treatment time.Rubber bands are critical in aligning your bite. Because of this, our doctors can always tell if you are wearing them enough.  When we check to see how your bite is progressing… we will have seen no change in your bite!  This is the most common delay in treatment as compliance can be hard for some patients.
4. Finally, we want you to maintain good oral hygiene, just as you did before your treatment began. In addition to flossing regularly, we encourage you to brush your teeth after every time you eat. Not brushing will allow sugar to wear away the cement on the braces, making them less effective in moving your teeth, as well as elevate your risk of developing cavities or tooth decay, which will inevitably delay treatment time.

We hope that you don’t experience a delay in your treatment! Please let us help and guide you from the start to the finish which always results in a beautiful brace-free smile!


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