Brace Friendly Options for Lunch


Braces and appliances can make even the simple things seem difficult. For kids, lunch time is usually a problem area as they are mostly unsupervised during lunch at school. There are ways to make sure they are successful eaters and never have a broken bracket. Packing a lunch from home is the easiest way to have control over what they consume. Our office offers some great tips on lunch recipes.

*Roasted/steamed veggies with humus
*Fruit/veg smoothies
*Hard boiled/deviled eggs
*Soft fruits: citrus fruits, bananas, peaches, blueberries, grapes
*Soft vegetables: cucumbers, peppers
 *Baked hard fruits (you can bake/roast them plain): apples, pears
*Salad greens
*Yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese
*Cold pasta salad with very small tomatoes and cucumbers (peeled) and shredded chicken
*Tuna salad
*Homemade macaroni and cheese
Remember to stay away from foods and items such as
 •Hard nuts, candies, hard fruits (like apples and pears)
 •Hard vegetables (like carrots and corn on the cob)
 •Taco shells
 •Pizza crust
 •Sticky stuff like taffy, gum, caramels
 •Foods high in acidity that could cause discoloration like lemons, limes and sodas.

No matter what you eat, when you have braces the most important thing you can do is….BRUSH AFTER EVERY MEAL.  This will help food particles not stick to the teeth and cause de calcification.

If you have any other questions or concerns about brace friendly foods, do not hesitate to ask!



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