Orthodontic Treatment

In our office the Orthodontic treatment involves use of:

Removable Appliances: Niteguide is a removable devices used to guide teeth in proper position in growing children. This is offered as a preventive/interceptive treatment when patients still have baby teeth.

Fixed Braces: Involves using fixed brackets and arch wires. Gentle continuous forces are used to move and align teeth in the jaw bones.

Accessories to Braces:

Expanders: Used to expand or stretch jaw bones
Herbst Appliance: Used to correct overbites/overjets. This device has replaced headgear. Our practice generally does not use headgear any more.

Rubber Bands: Used to align the bite. Braces straighten the teeth on each jaw bone and rubber bands bring upper and lower teeth into an even bite.

Retainers: Used to retain the orthodontic results. Teeth constantly moving all through our life. Retainers help to keep teeth in aligned position. Generally, we give fixed retainer for the lower teeth and removable retainer for the upper teeth. Long term retainer use is suggested to keep the teeth well aligned after braces.