Orthodontic Treatment Categories

In our office Orthodontic treatment is divided into four broad categories:

  1. Early treatment: Usually offered as preventive/interceptive Phase I treatment to address developing problems. This treatment could be to gain space, expand arches or align jaw bones etc. Usually some primary (baby) teeth are present hence full braces treatment cannot be planned.
  2. Adolescent treatment: This is a comprehensive treatment commonly offered to growing children. Most if not all primary (baby) teeth are gone and generally full braces can be planned. Accessories like, expanders, headgears, herbst appliances, rubber bands are generally added to braces to accomplish the necessary end results. Generally, this treatment is needed after the Phase I treatment to finish the occlusion (bite) ideally. In such a case this is referred to as Phase II treatment.
  3. Adult treatment: Although orthodontic treatment is possible at any age so long as the bone and gums are healthy, Adult treatments have some limitations due to absence of growth. These limitations are generally related to individual situations. We discuss these thoroughly at the consultation appointments.
  4. Surgical Orthodontics: Braces by themselves have limitation to address severe skeletal discrepancies especially when growth is over. In such cases Surgical orthodontics is needed which involves braces and jaw surgery. Jaw surgery is not done by the Orthodontist but he coordinates the treatment along with an Oral Surgeon. Usually, jaw surgery as a step in the middle of Orthodontic treatment.