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If you just got your braces on, or have been in treatment with us for some time, and you’re wondering if you should continue visiting your general dentist since you’re seeing Dr. Angolkar regularly…  the answer is…YES PLEASE!  Our office specializes only in orthodontics (braces) and nothing else.  That is how you know that we are top notch in what we do because that is all we concentrate on!  Our doctors have you in mind when they stress the importance of your regular dental checkups right from the very start.  The front desk at Angolkar4Smiles take time to send correspondence to your dentist; from your consultation to your initial banding, progress to final braces removal, they have tons of knowledge about you and your orthodontic treatment.  Sometimes you will need to set up appointments to remove brackets or archwires to get the cleaning completed so take time to try and coordinate those appointments with your regular check up here at our office.  Be sure to check with your general dentist to see if we will need to remove anything before a checkup.  Your day may look something like this… come to our office to remove any archwires or brackets for cavities–> go to the dentist to complete the work needed–> come back to us on THE SAME DAY to have your appliances replaced.  Thank goodness this is only required of you 2x a year!

Today, we thought we would share a few reasons why it’s crucial to keep up with your regular visits at your dentist in addition to coming in for your regular adjustments at Angolkar 4 Smiles Orthodontics.

One of the best reasons to visit your dentist while you undergo orthodontic treatment is to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Having braces means you have food traps which particles and millions of bacteria can hide. Eventually, plaque and tartar can form around your brackets, bands or other appliances which can lead to cavities. Having your teeth professionally cleaned can help ensure most, if not all, plaque and tartar is removed.

The next reason to visit a dentist is to help protect your teeth from decalcification… A serious condition which causes white spots on your tooth surfaces, and is irreversible. Decalcification is preventable; patients who cut down on sugary sweets and acidic foods, practice good oral hygiene, and visit their dentist regularly can help prevent decalcification.

Making sure to visit your dentist will help ensure your teeth look their best once your braces come off. If you do not have a general dentist please give us a call or let us know at your next adjustment appointment and we would be happy to refer you to someone wonderful!  Having braces is a team effort between you, your orthodontist and general dentist… we are so happy to be part of your team!

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