Fixed Retainer Instructions

The fixed retainer is glued (bonded) to the inside of your lower six front teeth. Remember that it is bonded to six teeth and hence we do not expect the retainer to break at all six points at the same time if you take proper care of it.

1. Do not eat any solid food for 2-3 hours after the retainer is bonded.

2. You need to be careful while biting with the front teeth with this retainer in place

3. If the glue on any of the teeth breaks or chips, please DO NOT pull the wire. Contact us immediately, as long as the wire is in place we can add extra glue (at no charge)

4. Our staff member will show you the flossing technique with the fixed retainer using floss threaders. It is very critical that you brush and floss under this retainer properly.

If the lower retainer is totally broken away from the teeth then we typically CANNOT replace it with another fixed retainer. The only option then is to replace a new lower removable retainer, almost all insurances do not cover this cost.  Any questions please do not hesitate to ask us.