Removable Retainer Instructions

Congratulations on removal of your braces! Now we start the retainer phase of your treatment. This phase is as critical as the braces phase. The teeth have memory and will try to move back if we do not retain the teeth in their new position for an adequate amount of time. Generally, most of our patients get a Removable Upper Retainer and a Fixed (bonded) Lingual Lower Retainer. However, there are times when we give both, Upper and Lower, Removable Retainers.


1. Use the retainer 24HOURS A DAY except while eating and brushing.

2. After your first retainer check appointment use the retainer as directed by the Doctors.

3. Rinse the retainer every time before putting it in your mouth. Brush the retainer at least two time’s day. You can use a toothbrush and mouthwash to clean out the retainer. However, remember to always use a COLD WATER to clean the retainer, DO NOT USE HOT WATER. For any reason, do not put the retainer in the microwave.

4. You will talk funny for a while, which is normal. In about a week your tongue will get used to the retainer and you will talk normally.

5. The retainer may feel tight initially, but will loosen in a few days.

6. The retainer has to be adjusted once every few months for proper fitting. Please follow the time schedule as suggested by the Doctors


If the lower retainer is totally broken or lost, it may need to be replaced.  Almost all insurances do not cover this cost.  Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our Angolkar4Smiles staff.